Microbiology & Sampling

Microbiology & Sampling

Scigiene offers a wide range of standard Microbiology supplies such as sterile bags, dilutions, swabs, sponges, pipettes, and relevant equipment (autoclaves, vortexers, stomachers, incubators etc.)

We also supply leading edge microbiology tests to allow you to do microbiology both rapidly and more accurately than conventional methods normally allow. Pease feel free to contact us to review your needs and/or review our microbiology sections for information on some of these solutions. 

We have broken our Microbiology section into distinct categories to help you in your selections:

If you are not sure about which to use please contact Scigiene for technical support

Sub Categories

Sample Collection

The first and arguably the most critical step In Microbiology is sample collection. After all any errors in this step are multiplied in the other steps to follow. Here we have a large range of swabs (more...)


Many of the problems related to microbiological testing relate to incorrect or poor dilutions. Either not doing dilutions, not doing enough or not doing dilutions correctly will lead to errors. Let us (more...)


Scigiene offers some of the fastest and yet most accurate solutions using our Microsnaps for Total Plate Count, Coliforms and E. coli. We also offer various culture media, dipslides as well as sample (more...)