Signal Isolation

Signal Isolation

Signal isolation is the unsung hero of any good process control or monitoring system. Sooner or later something will fail sending a power surge down the wiring meant for low power signals and when this hits your PLC/Controller it will be irreversibly damaged.  Isolators prevent this and protect your major investment. Scigiene offer high quality low cost isolators designed to protect your investments.   

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Novus TxIsoLoop - Loop Powered Isolators

Part #: NV-8813020100/NV-8813020200
These Loop isolators provide signal protection by electrically isolating the input signal from the o (more...)
$90.00 (USD)
$130.50 (CAD)

Novus NIO Relay Interface

Part #: NV-8856000012
The NIO series of DIN rail relays are interfaces used extensively in switching applications in indus (more...)
$25.00 (USD)
$36.25 (CAD)