New Monitoring and Cost Reduction Solutions

By: Douglas Wright, President

With all the increased demands of G.F.S.I., HACCP, CFIA, BRC and various customer audits it is amazing that we even get to do anything but prepare for audits and conduct them.  More work and less time to do it all seems to be the current mantra for many of you.

Technology to the rescue! Finally all the pieces of technology are coming together to make your job easier without the high costs usually associated with leading edge solutions.  For years data logger and wireless systems have only been ½ solutions. Yes they reduced time spent collecting data but downloading and/or studying that data was still an extra step that left most clients just collecting data for compliance. With the idea that if they ever found the time they would actually analyze all that data?

New technologies now solve these issues and more:

Marathons new LCD series data loggers offer cost effective displays to show current temperatures as well as alarms and even important factors such as time out of range. It almost makes downloading obsolete! Of course you still want your records for compliance reporting, but now easier to use software will make reports and analysis all that much easier. Who could ask for anything more?

Well the age of Wireless is truly upon us and the “anything more” is here. New NFC technology allows you to download our NEW Tecnosoft NFC compatible data loggers via most new Smartphones! No wires or connections! Better yet the software can be cloud based so if you are doing shipping or retail studies the information will be available to all parties as soon as it is downloaded. Technology is actually getting easier to use again.

At Scigiene we have long been industry leaders in supplying wireless systems for plant wide monitoring. These systems have always saved our clients time and money from manual recording and reporting, but the Achilles heel of most wireless systems has been that the devices had to be sent back for recertification yearly. Our new ZED/Syrinx wireless system from Tecnosoft uses intelligent sensor technology whereby we simply supply you a certified replacement probe to plug in and then you simply ship us the old one for testing and certification. No longer do you need to worry about how to monitor using alternative systems while calibrations are being done! Our new ZED sensors also come with optional displays and advanced software will meet all your monitoring and alarming needs.

Tecnosoft also supplies us their new MICRO Series of high accuracy high temperature data loggers and high temperature wireless sensors.  These are actually designed for temperatures up to 140C and use in autoclaves at high pressure. So meeting typical cook/pasteurization conditions is not an issue here. The incredibly small size and competitive pricing make this line of data loggers ideal for all your cooking/cooling processes.  Precision and durability is the key here. Each data logger is individually tested and calibrated to result in amazing calibrations to 0.1C accuracy.  These are also the world’s smallest high temperature data loggers and even our standard Pasteurcyl and Pasteurdisk units are ½ the size of competing units. Specialized models are available for almost any application (bottles, cans, bags etc.), so if you do not see what you want just ask.

These are but a few of the new solutions from Scigiene so if you have standard or unique monitoring needs or simply want us to offer you solutions for improved monitoring, time and cost savings then contact us and we will be happy to help.

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