MAP Analyzers

MAP Analyzers
Our MAP Headspace Gas Analyzers are designed to help you in achieving the quality control of your finished packaged foods to meet your company’s guidelines. Our method provides accurate, quick and easy determination of the gas composition in your food packaging as well as providing data support to help you with package design, product quality and increased shelf life.

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MAP Oxygen Analyzer

Part #: MAP-900041
This MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Oxygen Analyzer is used to measure the gas levels inside in (more...)
$2,870.00 (USD)
$3,931.90 (CAD)

MAP CO2/Oxygen Analyzer

Part #: MAP-900141
This MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) CO2/Oxygen Analyzer is used to measure the CO2 and Oxygen g (more...)
$4,125.00 (USD)
$5,651.25 (CAD)

MAP Tri-Gas (CO/CO2/O2) Case-Ready Meat Gas Analyzer

Part #: MAP-900133
This MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) CO/CO2/O2 Analyzer is used to measure the CO, CO2 and O2 g (more...)
$9,000.00 (USD)
$12,330.00 (CAD)