Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen or D.O. can be measured using a range of our meters. Depending on your uses and sensitivity requirements certain models and probes may be more suitable.

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Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit

Part #: SP-850081DOK
Measures dissolved oxygen to determine water quality in environmental testing, labs, industrial and (more...)
$374.00 (USD)
$504.90 (CAD)

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Part #: MW-MW600
This portable meter measures Dissolved Oxygen with a Polarographic probe and is suitable for a wide (more...)
$259.35 (USD)
$350.12 (CAD)

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter with added features

Part #: MW-Mi605
This Oxygen meter with automatic calibration and temperature compensation (ATC) is specifically desi (more...)
$830.70 (USD)
$1,121.45 (CAD)