Marathon Multi-Use EDL Series Dataloggers

Marathon Multi-Use EDL Series Dataloggers

These are our more traditional PC based dataloggers using USB interfaces without the fancy LCD’s and NFC features of our current models. But then maybe you just want to log the data and produce reports. If simple reliable and accurate data loggers are what you want then these are cost effective solutions for monitoring temperatures for shipping, facilities monitoring, research etc.

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MaxiLog-HX Multi Use Temperature Datalogger with LED alarm

Part #: MA0150
Our Maxilog-HX data logger comes in a compact size for all of your drugs, injectables, specialty cre (more...)
$30.00 (USD)
$40.50 (CAD)

Marathon 2c\temp USB, 16K Electronic Datalogger, -29 C to +72C

Part #: MA0280
The 2c\temp-USB multi-use data logger is a cost-effective solution for temperature monitoring of ref (more...)
$60.00 (USD)
$81.00 (CAD)