Tecnosoft Fastening System

  • Part #:TS0147
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Price: $375.00
Price: $506.25


Fastening System is to fasten the SterilDisk Probe, PasteurDisk Probe, SterilCyl and PasteurCyl to Cans, Jars, Tins and other packages. Price listed is for Complete kit - inquire about pricing for individual items as listed below.
Available Items:
  • Part#: TS0147 Riveting Tool Kit - Includes: Riveting tool, 20 M 5 Rivets, 20 M 8 Rivets and 1 Locking Bolt.
  • Part#: TS0148 M5 Rivets - 20 M 5 Rivets used for SterilDisk Probe and PasteurDisk Probe.
  • Part#:TS0149 M 8 Rivets - 20 M 8 Rivets used for SterilCyl and PasteurCyl with 3 mm diameter and 40 mm minimum probe length.
  • Part#: TS0150 Locking Bolt - Locking bolt to fasten SterilCyl and PasteurCyl and adjust depth of Probe.