Spear Tip pH Probe

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Spear Tip pH Probe (for non-liquid measurement, BNC connector) is perfect for those pH measurements in the applications where sample piercing is required. Meat, sausage and cheese are ideal applications. the electrode features a very durable glass measuring spear packaged in a rugged virtually unbreakable epoxy body. 

Unit of Measure:Range:Resolution:Accuracy:
pH1 to 130.01±(0.02 pH + 2d)
Operating Temperature:

5 to 60°C
41 to 140°F

Electrode Structure:Combination type
Reference of pH Electrode:Ag/AgCl, Double Junction
Response Time:≤ 2 minutes
pH value of zero mV:7 ± 1 pH
Repeatability:≥ 0.05 pH
Mechanical Protection:With protection bottle on the electrode head.
Weight:68 g (including cable and socket)

Probe Length: 6" (150 mm)

Probe Diameter: 12 mm
Cable Length: 29.5"