SCIGICAL-5 Thermometer Calibrator

Price: $981.48
Price: $1,325.00


    The SCIGICAL-5 Calibrator from Scigiene is the most accurate and flexible temperature (probes and I.R.) and humidity calibrator in existence. The SCIGICAL-5 is a compact portable calibrator with interchangeable modules for temperature probes, I.R and RH/aW that means one device can be used for most if not all of your calibration checks or even calibrations. The SCIGICAL-5 high accuracy calibrator has the ability to allow users to cost effectively calibrate and certify a wide range of devices over the range of 0°C to 95°C. 

It is the perfect temperature reference device for plant quality assurance, process control, food safety, instrument calibration and service, and HACCP compliance (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).  While most calibrators use a single well dry block, the SCIGICAL-5 allows for calibration of over 10 thermometers simultaneously!  The Thermometer calibrator offers an accuracy of >0.1°C. The high accuracy is due to the incorporated circulation bath (far better than a dry block) and allows calibration of numerous probes (10 or more) all at once (call about custom options for process probes).

What makes the SCIGICAL-5 really unique is its modular format. This allows you to use various calibration modules to calibrate a wide range of devices more accurately than you would using several far more costly and less accurate instruments.  Current modules are available for Probe Thermometers, Infrared thermometers and Humidity.

The IR calibrator module uses proprietary Scigiene technology to allow calibration accuracy better than a blackbody device, simply because it measures the temperature of the test plate directly. Blackbody plates have an embedded sensor that is between the surface plate (that you read) and the heating element. The temperature it reads is not the true surface reading so a correlation is done to read the estimated surface temperature. This correlation introduces large errors. This is one of the reasons for IR thermometer accuracy being as poor as it is. Quite simply the calibrators are not very accurate so the calibration cannot be either. Our new technology allows for incredible I.R accuracy.   

The R.H. calibration module allows calibration tests of R.H. probes, dataloggers and even our Humimeter aW meters, all traceable to primary salt standards and far more accurate due to the precision temperature control. The RH module uses precision calibration salts and high accuracy temperature controls to attain accuracy not available with other RH calibrators in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.



  • High stability ±0.01°C
  • High accuracy ±0.05°C
  • Operates in both C & F
  • Available with modules to allow I.R. and RH calibrations
  • Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST (with included RD0370R certified reference thermometer)
  • Annual re-certification services are available
  • Fast multiprobe calibrations and verifications.
  • Simple to use and easy operator training
  • Serial number assigned to each unit
  • Portable
  • Rugged enclosure and electronics for reliable service



  • Accuracy ±0.05°C (0.2°F)
  • Setpoints: User settable between 0° and 95°C
  • Input Power 115 volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 amps
  • Type 304 stainless steel enclosure


SCIGICAL-IR - Infrared Test module (please inquire)

SCIGICAL-RH - R.H. test module (please inquire)