SCIGICAL-2 Calibrator

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The SCIGICAL-2 calibrator allows for easy and fast calibrations of up to 8 thermometers or probes at once up to an accuracy of +-0.5C at 0C. Ideal for calibrating pocket thermometer that can only be calibrated at precisely 0C. The SCIGICAL-2 includes the Scigiene St. steel Calibrator and specially designed calibration plate as well as a stirrer and a certified RD3305 RTD reference thermometer.

Many labs are using the process of stirring a cup or beaker with crushed ice and water to do calibrations or temperature validations. While this might work, it also just as frequently does not. The reasons for this are quite simple:

  • Pure ice water stirred well, is 0°C at sea level. However, if you change altitude or have impurities in the water, the ice point changes.
  • If the probe tips are in contact with the ice and not just the water, they may be reading the ice temperature or an average of both! Ice from your freezer is well below 0°C.
  • The probes themselves may have varying response times of 5 to 30 seconds depending on design. If the temperature is not 100% stable, they may not read the same, but still be accurate.
  • If the probes are in contact with the container wall (>0°C) this will also throw the temperature out.
  • Using a calibration bath that is stable in temperature is not easy without the correct equipment. Ice baths can have a variance of up to ± 2.0°C.

The SCIGICAL-2 controls these factors and therefore offers precision calibrations more than +/-0.5°C

The SCIGICAL finally allows for precision ice bath calibrations at very reasonable prices. If you need to calibrate at multiple points up to 100C above ambient, please see the SCIGICAL-9. For calibrations outside these range please call us direct and we can go over the various options to help you.

Technical Information

The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T.traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)

A How-To Instruction Guide to Using the Scigiene Calibrator to Calibrate Pocket Thermometers

Required Accessories

Part #: RD3305
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$67.50 (CAD)
Waterproof Digital HACCP Thermometer