Gen 2 Wireless Thermostat

  • Part #:RFR-0540-2
  • Dimensions:5.5 x 3.355 x 1.25 in.
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Price: $252.00
Price: $340.20


The Scigiene Gen 2 Thermostat is designed specifically for remote configuration and energy savings. It features an integrated motion sensor to auto detect if an area or room is occupied and can be set to enter an energy saving state when not needed. The thermostat will allow you to set a maximum and minimum temperature range for both occupied and non-occupied states. The system will auto adjust comfort levels when personnel arrive and automatically return to normal when they leave. It is also a perfect solution for public buildings such as corporate facilities or schools and churches as there are no physical buttons on the device. This prevents random adjustments by unauthorized people.


  • Allows for remote setting and monitoring of HVAC systems
  • Detects motion for occupied/non-occupied status
  • Prevents unauthorized adjustments or tampering
  • Configuration lockout jumper prevents changes at the hardware level
  • Full functionality and start up without a gateway
  • Wireless range of 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls
  • 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) 868 and 433 MHz Frequency Agile
  • Best in class interference immunity
  • Onboard data memory stores up to 512 readings per sensor: 10-minute heartbeats = 3.5 days, 2-hour heartbeats = 42 days
  • Over-the-air updates (future proof)
  • Powered by HVAC system


Supply Voltage
12 VAC - 24 VAC (powered via HVAC system)
Current Consumption

0.7 μA (sleep mode)

2 mA (radio idle/off mode)

2 mA (measurement mode)

25 mA (radio RX mode)

35 mA (radio TX mode)

Operating Temperature Range
-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Temperature Reading Accuracy
± 1°C
RH Accuracy
± 3% under normal conditions (10% - 90% RH)
RH Operating Range
0-100% RH
RH Response Time
8 sec (tau 63%)
Motion Sensor Detection Range
16.4 ft (5 m)
Indicator Lights

Six LED indicators

(Heating, Cooling, Fan, Power, Occupied, Radio (RF))

Pass-through Current Rating on Heat, Cool, and Fan Connections
Continuous: 1 A RMS Surge: 8.5 A Peak
Peak Voltage on Heat, Cool, and Fan Connections
+/- 800 Volts
5.5 x 3.355 x 1.25 in. (139.7 x 85.217 x 31.75 mm)
Wireless Range
1,200+ ft. non-line-of-sight
Encrypt-RF® (256-bit key exchange and AES-128 CTR)
900 MHz product; FCC ID: ZTL- RFSC1 and IC: 9794A-RFSC1.