Professional Gen 2 Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Part #:RFP-0292-2
  • Weight:3.7 ounces
  • Dimensions:4.4 x 2.5 x 1.11"
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Scigiene’s Professional Gen2 Ultrasonic Sensor can be used in a variety of applications for measuring distances between the sensor and objects in its path. Gen 2 ultrasonic sensors are imperviousness to target surface and color, and feature autocalibration algorithms which allow them to adapt to variable environmental conditions and compensate for temperature and humidity effects.

The Ultrasonic Sensor sends out a high-frequency sound pulse and then times how long it takes for the echo of the sound to reflect back. The sensor has 2 openings on its front. One opening transmits ultrasonic waves, (like a tiny speaker), the other receives them, (like a tiny microphone). The ultrasonic sensor uses the speed of sound to and time difference between sending and receiving the sound pulse to determine the distance to an object. It will take readings at set intervals and report the data back to the software portal where the information is processed to display distance and alert users if a defined condition is met. All sensor data is then stored for historical analysis. 


  • Measures distance between the sensor and objects in its path
  • Measurement resolution of 1 centimeter
  • Auto-calibration algorithms allow sensor to adapt to variable environmental conditions
  • Wireless range of 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls *
  • Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Improved interference immunity - Improved power management for longer battery life **
  • Encrypt-RF® Security (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC for sensor data messages)
  • All Gen 2 sensors now have up to 3200 readings: 10-minute heartbeats = 22 days, 2-hour heartbeats = 266 days
  • Over-the-air updates (future proof) 


Supply voltage
2.0-3.8 VDC (3.0-3.8 VDC using power supply)
Current consumption 
0.2 μA (sleep mode), 0.7 μA (RTC sleep), 570 μA (MCU idle), 2.5 mA (MCU active), 5.5 mA (radio RX mode), 22.6 mA (radio TX mode)
Operating temperature range (board circuitry and batteries) 
-18°C to 55°C (0°F to 130°F) using alkaline -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F) using lithium 2 
Optimal battery temperature range (AA) 

+10°C to +50°C (+50°F to +122°F)

Sensor resolution 
1 cm
Minimum measurement distance 
10 cm
Maximum measurement distance 
4 m (12-13 ft)
5% FS (can be calibrated for further accuracy)
900 MHz product; FCC ID: ZTL-G2SC1 and IC: 9794A-G2SC1.

1 - Hardware cannot withstand negative voltage. Please take care when connecting a power device.

2 - At temperatures above 100°C, it is possible for the board circuitry to lose programmed memory.