Petri Dishes, Sterile (100 mm diam)

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These Sterile Polystyrene 100 x 15mm Petri dishes have been designed in collaboration with Petri dish filling equipment manufacturers and manual end users. These new Petri dishes are ideal for microbiological examination either by surface plating or plate pouring techniques. The dishes are sterile and packed in an easy-to-open sleeve of 25 dishes.  Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene which meets USP, Class VI requirements for plastic containers and closures Vented: 4 vents to provide consistent gas exchange and enhance the stability of stacked dishes.


·         Sterilized to SAL 10⁻³

·         100 x 15 mm stackable Petri Dishes

·         25 per sleeve, 20 sleeves per case, total 500 per case