pH Portable Meters

  • Part #:MW-MW100 & MW-MW101
  • Weight:220 gram with battery
  • Availability: In Stock

Price: $105.00
Price: $141.75


These handy and ergonomically designed portable pH meters are ideal for anyone working on a low budget but that still requires fast and reliable measurements. These portable pH meters are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as Agriculture and Horticulture, as well as water and environmental analysis. These pH meters are easy to use, fast to calibrate and have a small, ergonomic and light case design. Other features include a large and easy to read LED Display and long battery life. MW-100 performs pH measurements with a 0.1 pH resolution and with manual temperature compensation. MW-101 performs pH measurements with a 0.01 pH resolution and with manual temperature compensation.

Features & Specifications:

  • Range: 0 to 14.0 pH
  • MW-MW100 Resolution: 0.1 pH
  • MW-MW101 Resolution: 0.01 pH
  • MW-MW100 Accuracy at +25°C: +/- 0.2 pH
  • MW-MW101 Accuracy at +25°C: +/- 0.02 pH
  • Temperature Compensation: Manual 0 to +50°C
  • 2 point manual calibration through offset and slope trimmers
  • pH Electrode included
  • Operating Environment: 0 to +50°C, Max 95% RH
  • Battery: 1 x 9V alkaline, 300 hours of use
  • Supplied with: MW-SE-220 pH electrode, pH 7.01 20 mL sachet of calibration solution, calibration screwdriver, 9V battery and instructions.

NOTE: MW-101 is available as a bench model with a 9 VDC power supply, mounting kit and probe holder, Part#: MW-BEM101 - inquire about pricing

Additional Information


 MW-MW100 Portable pH METER, RANGE: 0.0 to 14.0, +/- 0.2 pH ACCURACY. $99.00
 MW-MW101 Portable pH METER, 0.00 to 14.00, +/- 0.02 pH ACCURACY.  $105.00
 MW-SE220       DOUBLE  JUNCTION pH ELECTRODE W/ 1 METER CABLE FOR MW-100, MW-101 & MW-102 $45.00 
 MW-MA6370 HARD CARRYING CASE  FOR MW-100, MW-101, MW-102 $22.00
 MW-M10004B pH 4.01 BUFFER SOLUTION (BOX OF 25x20ml SACHET) $21.00
 MW-M10007B pH 7.01 BUFFER SOLUTION (BOX OF 25x20ml SACHET) $21.00 
 MW-M10010B pH10.01 BUFFER SOLUTION (BOX OF 25x20ml SACHET) $21.00
 MW-MA9004 pH 4.01 BUFFER SOLUTION - BOTTLE (230ml) $10.00
 MW-MA9007 pH 7.01 BUFFER SOLUTION - BOTTLE (230ml) $10.00
 MW-MA9010 pH10.01 BUFFER SOLUTION - BOTTLE (230ml) $10.00

Technical Information

The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T.traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)