MicroFast® Bacillus cereus Count Plate - 100 Pack

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MicroFast® Bacillus cereus Count Plates (BC) are a sample-ready-culture medium system. They use innovative technologies such as rapid diffusion systems and new-generation microbial coloration to achieve rapid proliferation and interpretation of colonies, greatly improving the detection efficiency in the laboratory.

MicroFast® Bacillus cereus Count Plates are intended for food, food material and production environment. Micro- Fast count plates are simple and efficient to use requiring less consumables and minimal training. With an 18 months shelf life the ability to respond to fluctuating demand far exceeds that of traditional agar-based methods.


  • Culture temperature: 30°C
  • Culture time: 18-24h
  • Interpretation: Blue- green cluster colonies
  • Counting range: 10-100CFU
  • Storage: 18 months at 2-8°C. Use count plates within one month after opening and reseal aluminum bag with tape. Keep it away from light.
  • 100 per pack (Also available in 25 and 1000 pack)

Product Features:

  • Rapid diffusion technology - the sample dilution can quickly spread on the count plate without pressing the plate.
  • Precise and consistent results - Self-developed microorganisms growing technology makes it easy for the growth of microorganisms with strict growth conditions.
  • Easy interpretation - After cultivation, the result can be directly interpreted.
  • Easy operation, work efficiently - Only 3 steps of operation, most of the microorganism tests can be completed within 24 hours, which shortens the testing time and improves culture efficiency.
  • Reduce storage and disposal costs
  • Require no agar preparation
  • Cost effective alternative to agar-based methods

Additional Information

3 easy steps to use:

1. Inoculation - Lift the top film and add sample.

2. Incubation - Incubate the plates (following the Instruction for Use.)

3. Interpretation - Count the colonies.