Scigiene Advanced Light Meter with Certification

  • Part #:SP-840022C
  • Weight:10 oz (283 g)
  • Dimensions:7¾" × 2¾" × 1¼" (197 × 70 × 32 mm)
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Price: $219.00
Price: $295.65


Results are easily read on the extra large LCD (1½" high, 38.1mm) with bar graph, low battery and over range indications. The color and cosine corrected sensor meets C.I.E. photopic spectrum. Will read LED light.

Also features min/max, auto power off, external zero adjustment, hold function and a tripod back. Offers peak function and a unique and very useful ability to compensate for the different colors of tungsten, florescent, mercury and sodium lights, with the push of a button. The result is readings true to actual lighting conditions. Comes ready to use with a 9V battery, instructions, soft padded case with shoulder strap, and a detachable sensor with cover for easier replacement or repair.


Features & Specifications:

·        Range: 400,000 lux; 40,000 fc

·        Resolution: 0.01 / 1 lux; 0.001/1 fc

·        Accuracy: ±(3% + 0.5% fs)

·        Ability to compensate for the different colors of light

·        5 Year Warranty, CE, RoHS

·        N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of calibration included


Technical Information

The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T.traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)

Optional Accessories

Part #: SP-840093
$38.00 (USD)
$51.30 (CAD)

Part #: SP-840090
$13.00 (USD)
$17.55 (CAD)