Intech Rainfall Adaptor

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The Fast Pulse Digital input of the IT0220 datalogger can be configured to read a tipping bucket rain gauge. A debounce capacitor and reset protection resistor are required for proper operation of the datalogger. A debounce capacitor of 0.1uF is required across the logger input and a 1kOhm resister is required in the input line. The Rainfall Adaptor and Rainfall Adaptor with Thermistor Temperature probe that we supply have the correct resisters and capacitors, fitted inside the adapter socket.

  • Connect the IT0220 logger to a computer and run the OmniLog Software.
  • From the Logger Control Screen, select Channel and Probe setup.
  • Select Channel 4 (This is the Fast Pulse input Channel).
  • From the Probe box select the Rainfall option.
  • NOTICE: That after the Rainfall Probe has been chosen the Units in the Unit and Scaling box has been set to mm.
  • Now give the Channel a meaningful Long and Short Name in the Logger Channel Name box.
  • Click on the Write Unit, Scaling and Calibration Values to the Logger button to send the new settings to the logger.
  • Click on the Calibration Notes button in the Calibration box to see the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Calibration Procedure.

Additional Information

For use with IT0220 datalogger
Options:  IT0308 - Rain Gauge adaptor with temperature probe - inquire.