Intech Thermocouple Datalogger

  • Part #:IT0222
  • Weight:110 gram
  • Units:each
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The IT0222 is a temperature datalogger that accepts an external Thermocouple probe and also has an internal thermistor sensor. The logger accepts Type J, K, N, R and T thermocouple probes and can monitor temperatures up to the range of the probes, from -250C to +1300C. The case is a rugged 316SS Stainless Steel, IP66 waterproof rated with a 5 year battery life.

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  • Up to 64,000 readings can be stored.
  • Start & Stop Modes: On date/time or when memory is full.
  • Optional loop around memory.
  • Sampling rate from 1 second to 10 hours in 1 second intervals.
  • Data is retained in case of battery failure.
  • Battery Status Monitor in OmniLog software.
  • Interrogation over phone lines using a standard modem link.
  • Dial a pocket pager on one alarm condition.
  • Software allows graph zoom, statistics and export features, calibration, real time recording and much more.
  • Logging Modes: Point, Average, Maximum & Minimum readings.
  • Operating & Storage Temperature of Logger: -30C to +70C.
  • External Temperature: Type K -250C to +1300C
  • Resolution: 0.5C See Graph
  • Accuracy @ +25C, +/- 1C.
  • Temperature (Internal Probe):
  • Resolution: See Graph
  • Absolute Accuracy over range: +/- 0.2C.
  • Time Response: less than 40 minutes.
  • Storage Capacity: 64,000 8-bit samples, 32,000 12-bit samples.

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