IR41X Programmable zone Infrared Thermometer

  • Part #:IR41X
  • Weight:165 grams (5.82oz) including batteries
  • Dimensions:6.57" x 2.2" x 1.81"
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Scigiene NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Available for this Product – Contact your Account Manager for Pricing

Scigiene introduces a new high accuracy Programmable range IR thermometer with LED lights to alert users if products are in the safe zones. Many of also need to fine tune the alarm range to meet specific process needs at something more specific to your own quality control or engineering programs. Our IR41X will allow you to reprogram the upper and lower limits, to freezer or cook zone targets. It also incorporates an 8-beam laser for precise targeting and a backlit Green LCD for use in dim lit areas, while the LCD displays RED if alarm conditions are met and unlike most IR units, this is IP67!


  • 8 beam laser sight for better targeting
  • IP67 Splash Proof Classification 
  • LED Display (Green/Red) Based on alarm settings
  • LCD Screen with Green Backlight
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Adjustable temperature alarm zone limits
  • Also allows for MAX, MIN, AVG and differential readings


Infrared Range:  
-55~250°C (-67~482°F)
Full Range Accuracy: 
-30~0°C: ±(1°C+0.1/°C) °C, 0~65°C: ±1°C, 65~250°C: ±1.5% of reading
Spectral range: 
8-14 μm
Distance: Spot: 
8 Beam Laser
IP Rating: 

Optional Accessories

Part #: TN4-H
$9.95 (USD)
$13.43 (CAD)