Eco-Friendly Long Handle Sampling Spoon; 4.93ml, PLA Resin

  • Part #:BA-F369441000
  • Dimensions:Width: 3cm x Length: 17.8cm
  • Units:10/Pack
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Lessen environmental impact with these PLA (polylactic acid) resin sampling spoons. The production of 100% plant-based PLA contributes less greenhouse gases and uses less nonrenewable energy from source to resin than its petroleum-based counterparts, and the plants used are an annually renewable resource. Disposal options include industrial composting for biodegradability, incineration, recycling and landfill. Use a separate spoon for each material sampled to avoid cross contamination. Non-sterile.


Features & Specifications:

  • Green alternative to petroleum-based sampling tools; helps meet sustainability goals
  • FDA grade spoons are safe for food, drug and cosmetic contact
  • Comparable in strength and durability to polystyrene, polypropylene and other plastic resin sampling tools
  • Long handle helps prevent personal contact with sampled material when reaching into bottles, jars and other confined areas
  • Available in three bowl sizes
  • Rim of each bowl has a flat edge to assist in collecting and measuring small amounts with accuracy
  • Nominal Capacity: 4.93ml (1tsp)
  • Quantity/Pack: 10