Fumonisin Total IAC

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This product is used for Fumonisin Total purification in cereal and feed samples prior to HPLC, HPLC-MS\MS or Specialized Rapid Tester. It reduces matrix interference and improves analysis accuracy.


  • Large Loading Column Capacity
  • High specificity: monoclonal antibody site-specific conjugation
  • Easy to elute: easy to achieve required concentration of low concentration sample as small amount of elute is sufficient for total elution
  • Long Shelf Life:  1 year when stored at 4
  • High stability: recovery rate at 85%-110%
  • Multiple or individual analysis in conjunction with HPLC, LC-MS/MS or Elisa Kit


  • 20pcs/box
  • Column Volume: 3ml
  • Column Capacity: ≥5000ng
  • Recovery Rate: 85%-110%