Fumonisin B1 (FB1) IAC

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This product is used for quantitative detection of FB1 by using Scigiene Lateral Flow Test Kits or other Mycotoxin tests.

 It is suitable for purification of FB1 in samples such as cereal and feed. The purified extracting solution can be detected by Scigiene's Lateral Flow Test Kits or other Mycotoxin tests.


  • Large Loading Column Capacity
  • High specificity: monoclonal antibody site-specific conjugation
  • Easy to elute: easy to achieve required concentration of low concentration sample as small amount of elute is sufficient for total elution
  • Long Shelf Life:  1 year when stored at 4
  • High stability: recovery rate at 85%-110%
  • Multiple or individual analysis in conjunction with HPLC, LC-MS/MS or Elisa Kit


  • 20pcs/box
  • Column Volume: 3ml
  • Column Capacity: ≥5000ng
  • Recovery Rate: 85%-110%