10 ml Environmental Transport Swab, Buffered Peptone Water

  • Part #:ATP-173
  • Units:100/case
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Buffered Peptone Water, 10 ml

This new sampling device has been developed for customers looking for an environmental sample collection device containing more than 1 mL of pre-filled liquid broth. (For a 1 mL collection device see the Q-Swab). Sample collection is easy with the attached Rayon®swab to the screw cap lid. The prefilled bottles come sterilized and with ample headspace for additional sample. The swab tip sits in the buffered Peptone Water which allows for release of organisms from the swab bud. The Hygiena Transport Swab makes sample collection efficient and easy. Collect your sample by swabbing the surface, recap, and send to the lab.

Features & Specifications:

  • More broth for high-volume samples
  • Pre-measured for consistent dilutions
  • Perfect for plates or dried media film
  • Recyclable #7
  • Rayon swab
  • Screw top lid
  • Write-on label for easy sample identification

Optional Accessories

Part #: ATP-351
$59.20 (USD)
$81.10 (CAD)
Carrying Case and cooler for your Swabs and SystemSure. Ideal for those of you on the go to protect (more...)