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FieldLogger is a versatile, powerful and yet cost effective data logger handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. It is a high performance and high connectivity equipment and yet easy to configure and operate. It has 8 configurable analog inputs that can read thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000, voltage and current signals. It also has 2 relay outputs and 8 digital ports individually configurable as inputs or outputs. Up to 128 mathematical channels can be used to perform operations on the measured values. Up to 32 alarm events can be detected, allowing output activations, e-mails and SNMP traps sending. Its RS485 interface can operate as a Modbus RTU master or slave. As a master, it can read and log up to 64 external channels. It has a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface that allows for access through a browser (HTTP), FTP (client and server), e-mail sending (SMTP), SNMP and Modbus TCP. FieldLogger has one USB interface to be connected to a computer (for configuration, monitoring and data download) and another USB port for plugging a flash driver for data retrieval. The 512k logging basic memory is used to store data and it can be greatly expanded with an SD card. An exclusive color HMI display can be attached or remotely installed for local indication or configuration. A user friendly configuration software can be accessed by Ethernet, USB or RS485 and also provides means for on-line monitoring, logged data downloading and exporting to spread sheets and other formats. An intuitive configuration software goes along with the equipment, allowing an easy configuration due to its wizard-like step-by-step system. Users can save the configuration in files and load it at a later time. Communication with the equipment can be done through USB, RS485 or even Ethernet (ModbusTCP) interface. Besides configuring, it also allows you to view the configured channels, alarms state and other status information. It also allows logged data download and export to several known formats. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.


  • 8 universal analog input channels: Thermocouples, V, mV, mA, Pt100 and Pt1000
  • Reading and logging rates of up to 1000/second
  • 24 bit A/D conversion resolution
  • 8 digital I/Os (individually configured as input or output)
  • 2 relay outputs (NO, NC and common)
  • RS485 interface (Modbus master or slave)
  • When acting as a master, can read up to 64 registers from other slaves
  • Registers read can be used in logging, alarms or mathematical operations
  • Ethernet interface with many services available
  • Sends alarm warning e-mails (SMTP)
  • Provides webpages with channels and status information (HTTP)
  • Allows logged data download via FTP (client and server)
  • Accesses status and channels values through network management software (SNMP and traps)
  • Allows Modbus communication by ethernet interface (Modbus TCP)
  • USB-device interface for configuring, monitoring and download
  • USB-host interface for logged data retrieval through a USB flash drive
  • Up to 32 configurable alarms
  • Alarm actions can include: Activating relays, Activating digital outputs, E-mails sending to multiple receivers, Sending SNMP traps, Starting and/or stopping loggings.
  • Up to 128 virtual channels
  • Basic mathematical functions to be applied on other channels: sum, subtraction, multiplication, division, logic (AND, OR and exclusive OR), square root and power.
  • 24Vdc output for powering up to eight 4-20mA transmitters
  • AC power (100 to 240 Vac)
  • DC Power (19 to 30 Vdc) optional
  • Optional HMI color Display with RS485 communication with FieldLogger PLUS
  • Up to 100 channels can be logged at a configurable rate
  • Data download through the configuration software SuperView SCADA (Part#: NS-FL0400) or through the free Download DLL.
  • Power: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption: 8 VA (Max)
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Relative humidity: 80% up to 30°C. (For temperatures higher than 30°C, decrease 3% for °C)
  • Altitude < 2000 m
  • Protection: IP20
  • Accuracy Thermocouples J, K, T, E and N: 0.2% of the span +/- 1°C
  • Accuracy Thermocouples R, S and B: 0.2% of the span +/- 3°C
  • Accuracy for Pt100, Pt1000, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mV, 0-50 mV, 0-60 mV, 20-20 mV, 0-5 V and 0-10 V: 0.15% of the span.
  • Analog channels input impedance: Thermocouples / Pt100 / Pt1000 / mV: > 2 MΩ, mA = 15Ω + 1.5 V, V = 1.1 MΩ
  • Excitation current: Pt100s: 360 µA; Pt1000s: 320 µA
  • Maximum Pt100/ Pt1000 compensated cable resistance: 40 Ω
  • Digital inputs: Logic level "0": from 0 to 0.8 Vdc, Logic level "1": from 2 to 30 Vdc
  • Maximum input voltage: 30 Vdc
  • Input current @ 30 Vdc (typical): 3 mA
  • Digital outputs: Maximum output voltage: 30 Vdc
  • Maximum output current: 200 mA
  • Maximum relay current: 3 A @ 250 Vac; 3 A @ 30 Vdc
  • Configurable logging rate, with logging intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Maximum channel amount allowed to be logged: 100
  • Supported Modbus commands: Read Coil Status (01h), Read Holding Registers (03h), Write Single Coil (05h), Write Single Register (06h), Write Multiple Registers (05h)
  • Maximum TCP simultaneous connections: 10
  • Maximum UDP simultaneous connections: 10
  • FTP (FieldLogger PLUS as a server): Supported mode passive, Standard UNIX, Maximum simultaneous connections is 1

Additional Information

Part#  DescriptionPrice USD$
NV-8812120000FieldLogger 512k  internal recording memory, RS485 + Ethernet & USB interface $1,160.00
NV-8812191900FieldLogger 512k + HMI internal recording memory, RS485 + Ethernet & USB interface $1,377.00
NV-8812120004FieldLogger 512k 24V internal rcdg memory, RS485 + Ethernet & USB interf. $1,174.00
NV-8812191904FieldLogger 512k 24V + HMI  internal rcdg memory, RS485/Ethernet/USB interf. $1,390.00
FieldLogger 512k  , internal rcdg memory, USB & RS485
FieldLogger 512k 24V internal rcdg memory, USB & RS485
NV-8812190900HMI for FieldLogger 512k $210.00
NV-8999900038Remote Mounting Kit for HMI FieldLogger with 1.8 m cable $59.00

Technical Information

The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T.traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)