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Scigiene distributes a wide range of devices for various temperature monitoring needs. Products range from thermometers, to dataloggers to wireless temperature monitoring systems. Scigiene offers (more...)

Moisture, Water Activity & Humidity

Scigiene offers a wide range of quality moisture and humidity monitoring products varying from basic pocket hygrometers up to the leading edge Humimeter line with specialized sensors for fast accurate (more...)


Scigiene offers a wide variety of temperature dataloggers for all your monitoring needs. We offer both single-use and multi-use options for shipping and production temperature monitoring application (more...)

Wireless Systems

Scigiene offers a wide variety of wireless monitoring systems for temperature, humidity, current, voltage, vibration and much more. We offer both our Gen 1 wireless systems and the powerful 21CFR Ge (more...)

Hygiene Monitoring

Scigiene is the Canadian Distributor for Hygiena Hygiene Monitoring Systems designed for use in Food Processing, Hospitals, Restaurants, Supermarkets and any other manufacturing Industry where rapid d (more...)


Scigiene offers a wide range of Microbiology supplies such Dipslides, MicroSnap rapid tests, standard agars as well as sterile bags, dilutions accessories, swabs, sponges, pipettes, and relevant equip (more...)

Mycotoxin Test Kits

Scigiene offers both Qualitative and Quantitative Mycotoxin Rapid Test Strips that are used for onsite testing. There are 2 types of Qualitative kits that we of (more...)

Allergen Testing

Scigiene's distributes a full range of Allergen screening and testing products to meet all needs. The Agrastrips allow specific detection of a full range of allergens and can be used for testing surfa (more...)

Calibrations and Certifications

Scigiene offers N.I.S.T. traceable certification and calibrations of most thermometers and dataloggers. Certifications are done using a Precision Calibration System in the temperature range of -25° (more...)

Analytical Tests

Scigiene offers a wide range of instruments and test kits to measure the levels of pH turbidity, DO, conductivity, specific ions and more.

Software programs

Scigiene offers professional software for monitoring applications for the pharmaceutical, industrial and food industries. The superior software allows for traceability at a fraction of what you would (more...)


Scigiene periodically will list discontinued, demos or surplus products at excellent prices. Quantities on these products will be limited. If you see products here that you are interested in please co (more...)