SureStand™ Multi-Channel Capable Pipette Rack – Patent Pending

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SureStand™ Pipette racks are unique in their ability to accommodate multi-channel pipettes without sacrificing any of the stability of a traditional acrylic rack. The patent pending “windows” allow the user to insert the multi-channel head longways through the rack, while keeping the body of the pipette stable by securing the pipette at two points; under the finger hook, and near the bottom of the handle.
SureStand is available in 3 versions; a 3-place rack that accepts one multi-channel, a 5-place rack that accepts two multi-channels, and a 6-place rack that accepts four multichannels. Each SureStand is also outfitted with four non-skid rubber “feet” for extra stability. SureStand is guaranteed to be the sturdiest and most versatile pipette rack in your lab.

- Universal – Fits all popular pipettes

- 5mm acrylic – 40% thicker

- Non-skid rubber feet

- Multi-channel “window” slots

Product Description

Product #     Description    Quantity      Price
MBP4403       SureStand™ Pipette Rack, for 3 pipettes, up to one multi-channel
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MBP4405       SureStand™ Pipette Rack, for 5 pipettes, up to two multi-channel
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MBP4406       SureStand™ Pipette Rack, for 6 pipettes, up to four multi-channel   
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