Microbiology Accessories

Microbiology Accessories

Here are listed an array of the various accessory equipment for use with Scigienes Microbiology products, pipettors, incubators, stomachers vortexer and more. If you need specialized equipment for your program please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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GNAT MX2 Low Volume Dipslide Incubator

Part #: LP-MX2
The GNAT incubator is perfect for all low-volume Dip-slide applications, plug in and go! Based on t (more...)
$189.00 (USD)
$274.05 (CAD)

Heating Block

Part #: BB-HB1000
Product Mini Incubator Temperature 0°C – 100°C Accuracy (more...)
$225.00 (USD)
$326.25 (CAD)

Sci-Temp Mini Digital Incubator

Part #: BM2200-H
With digital temperature control, the Sci-Temp incubators provide convenient “set and walk away” ope (more...)
$479.00 (USD)
$694.55 (CAD)

Orion MX8 Dipslide Incubator

Part #: LP-MX8
The Orion MX8 is truly the first of its kind and once again sets new standards. This unique incubat (more...)
$305.00 (USD)
$442.25 (CAD)

Discovery MX10 - Professional Dipslide Incubator

Part #: LP-MX10
The Discovery MX10 incubator is specifically designed for field professionals who needs to Incubate (more...)
$360.00 (USD)
$522.00 (CAD)

Small Format Digital Dry Block Incubator with 12 Swab Well Heating Block

Part #: ATP-625
The Digital Dry Block Incubators are designed specifically for Hygiena™s wide variety of test device (more...)
$360.70 (USD)
$523.02 (CAD)

Large Lab Format Digital Dry Block Incubator

Part #: ATP-670/ATP-671/ATP-672
The Digital Dry Block Incubators are designed specifically for Hygiena™s wide variety of test device (more...)
$535.80 (USD)
$776.91 (CAD)

Incubator Table Top

Part #: CE0161
This incubator has a see-thru tinted acrylic door that enables the user to see the entire work space without opening the door.
$775.00 (USD)
$1,123.75 (CAD)

Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrer

Part #: BM4000-HS
This Hotplate-Stirrer features an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant white ceramic work surfa (more...)
$369.00 (USD)
$535.05 (CAD)

Storage Racks and Boxes

Part #: MBR1010/MBR1020/MBR1020-XX/MBR10XX/MBR1450/MBC2581
The Freezer/Storage Boxes are suitable for refrigerator and freezer storage as low as -80˚C, these b (more...)

Autoclave with built-in water tank

Part #: BM-AL16
This 16 liter Autoclave offers three cycle options (standard programs), which are pre-set for the st (more...)
$5,295.00 (USD)
$7,677.75 (CAD)

Autoclave & Biohazard Bags

Part #: MBA9000C/MBA9000R/MBA9002C/MBA9002R/MBA9004R
These high temperature autoclavable bags are manufactured from heavy gauge polypropylene material th (more...)

Hygiena Swab Cooler Bag

Part #: ATP-351
Carrying Case and cooler for your Swabs and SystemSure. Ideal for those of you on the go to protect (more...)
$38.30 (USD)
$55.54 (CAD)