Scigiene offers some of the fastest and yet most accurate solutions using our Microsnaps for Total Plate Count, Coliforms and E. coli. We also offer various culture media, dipslides as well as sample collection tools (sterile bags, swabs and sponges) as well as dilution buffers, stomacher bags and equipment all designed to offer superior results while proving labour and money savings. Check out our Microbiology Solutions broken into convenient sections  and then contact us for technical support and advice.

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Scigiene offers an excellent range of Microbial Test Dipslides. Dipslides are doubled sided using standard meth (more...)


MicroSnap™ is a rapid AOAC approved bioluminogenic test method for results in less than eight hours for the detection and enumeration of TPC, Coliform and E.coli bacteria. The MicroSnap™ platform (more...)


Our Insite tests for Listeria and Salmonella use AOAC approved media and give a rapid  easy-to-use, self-contained, environmental test. Each device contains a liquid media formulated with an (more...)

Microbiological Agar

Scigiene offers a selection of high grade dried and prepared media agars for traditional microbiology methods. 

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