Scigiene ins the leading stocking supplier of microbial displides. Our displides are higher quality due to thicker agar layers and superior quality control . We offer the widest range of displides anywhere and this includes some unique slides incorporating Neutralizers to help offset common problem faced by all microbiologists when conducting environmental testing.  False negative can and do occur when doing tests with out neutralizers.  We also offer rapid tests using Microsnaps for Total Plate Count, Coliforms and E. coli.  Call us to day to determine the best solutions for you.  

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MicroFast® Count Plates are a superior sample-ready-culture medium system for Microbiology. They use innovative technologies such as rapid diffusion systems and new-generation microbial coloration to (more...)


Scigiene offers the highest quality displides available any where due to higher quality control right from production of the plastics through addition of the agar and extended testing. The agar on our (more...)


MicroSnap™ is a rapid AOAC approved bioluminogenic test method for results in less than eight hours for the detection and enumeration of TPC, Coliform and E.coli bacteria. The MicroSnap™ platform (more...)


Our Insite tests for Listeria and Salmonella use AOAC approved media and give a rapid easy-to-use, self-contained, environmental test. Each device contains a liquid media formulated with ant (more...)

Microbiological Agar

Scigiene offers a selection of high grade dried and prepared media agars for traditional microbiology methods. 

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