Refrigeration Controllers

Refrigeration Controllers

Scigiene is the Canadian distributor for Novus Automation. We have the most extensive range of specialized temperature controllers designed especially for refrigeration applications. No need to use a basic temperature control and design workarounds when our well-priced and designed refrigeration controllers do it all out of the box saving you time and money.

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Novus N321R NTC Refrigeration Temperature Controller with Defrost , 1 relay output

Part #: NV-80321R3012
The N321R is a temperature controller dedicated for applications in refrigeration. The defrost cycle (more...)
$62.00 (USD)
$83.70 (CAD)

Novus 3 relay Refrigeration Temperature Controller with Defrost N323R

Part #: NV-80323R3030
The N323R is a Refrigeration controller designed to control the temperature of refrigeration cases a (more...)
$71.00 (USD)
$95.85 (CAD)