Pipettors/Liquid Transfer

Pipettors/Liquid Transfer

Still using glass pipettes or other tedious mechanical fluid transfer methods. We have solutions that will keep you in budget and will offer some of the finest liquid measurement /transfer solutions anywhere. Call today for more details.

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Electronic Pipette Controller

Part #: MB-P6080
The Electronic Pipette Controller is lightweight (180g) and designed to fit comfortably in either t (more...)
$206.69 (USD)
$279.03 (CAD)

Large Volume Pipette Controller

Part #: MB-P6420
The MB-P6420 is the precise and easy to use pipette controller that ‘s always ready to use. After at (more...)
$26.21 (USD)
$35.38 (CAD)

Multi-Channel Pipettors

Part #: PPM8-XXX/PPM12-XXX
This Multi-Channel Pipettors are Ideal for all 96 well applications, the new Propette™ LE Multi-Chan (more...)

Reference adjustable-volume models

Part #: 3182-00, 3181-00
Continuously adjustable with digital readout. Factory tested for accuracy and precision, with a cer (more...)
$435.60 (USD)
$588.06 (CAD)

Single & Multi-Channel Capable Pipette Rack – L Shape

Part #: MB-P4403
Pipette racks are unique in their ability to accommodate multi-channel pipettes without sacrificing (more...)

Single Channel Micropipettes

Part #: PPMXXX
The Single Channel Micropipettes are high precision liquid handling instruments. Every aspect of acc (more...)
$42.83 (USD)
$57.82 (CAD)

Universal Pipette Carousel Rack

Part #: MB-P4280-CR
This pipette carousel rack is perfect for keeping your bench-top organized. Universal fitting for pi (more...)
$93.46 (USD)
$126.17 (CAD)

Micro Pipette

Part #: CM2704708
This is the perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory applications for scientists who prefer a (more...)
$236.00 (USD)
$318.60 (CAD)

Transfer Pipettes

Part #: Various - See Below
These unbreakable, one-piece pipettes eliminate contaminated rubber bulbs, broken glass and exposure (more...)