EDL-XYZ USB Temperature, Vibration & RH Datalogger

  • Part #:MA0295
  • Weight:90 g / 2.6 oz.
  • Dimensions:Length 3.5”, Width 1.96”, Depth 1.1”
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The EDL-XYZ multi-use data logger can be used to monitor fragile goods during shipment. It contains a temperature sensor, a high accuracy humidity sensor and a 3-D accelerometer. The latter controls the motion and vibration of a truck during shipment. It can also be used for monitoring machinery wear, vibration, impact and shock for all applications.


  • High accuracy thermistor for temperature measurement.
  • High accuracy humidity sensor.
  • 3-D accelerometer for motion and vibration detection.
  • Alarm for out of limits operation for all sensors.
  • Recording time updated on LCD display.
  • Flexible recording interval time for temperature and humidity.
  • Recording time automatically fixed by firmware for motion and vibration.
  • Trigger threshold set by user for vibration data saving.
  • LCD display for temperature, humidity, and 3 axis vibration.
  • Water-resistant Enclosure


Memory EEPROM, Storage: 
Temperature: 8k, Humidity: 8k, Vibration: 42k
Temperature Range: 
-29° C to +72° C / -20° F to +162° F
Temperature Accuracy: 
±0.2°C from 10° to 30°C / ±0.5°C at extremes ±0.4°F from 50° to 86°F / ±0.9°F at extremes
Temperature Resolution: 
0.1°C / 0.4°F
Measurement Intervals: 
Programmable from 2 seconds to months.
Humidity Range: 
0% to 100%
Humidity Accuracy: 
±3% RH from 25% to 75%, ±5% RH at extremes
3-D Accelerometer:

Range: ±2G; ±4G; ±8G; ±16G

Sampling rate: 400 Hz

Accuracy: ±0.05G for 0 to 16G

Resolution: ±0.01G for 0 to 16G

High and Low Alarm Limits: 
LED display set for temperature, humidity and vibration
Computer Interface: 
Mini USB Connector
Internal Firmware Provides: 
Start time, Interval, User description, Alarm values, Recording status, Measurement data, Firmware version, Serial number, Model type
Power Source: 
One CR2477 Lithium Battery with a 1 year operating life and a 5 year shelf life.
12 months

The dataloggers are NIST-Traceable and come with Certificates of Conformance.

Required Accessories

Part #: MA0543
$300.00 (USD)
$405.00 (CAD)
MaxiThermal-XYZ Software allows you to view up to 8 multiple traces at one time, enables you to tran (more...)

Part #: MA0504
$15.00 (USD)
$20.25 (CAD)
USB interface allows you do connect to the Marathon USB dataloggers.

Optional Accessories

The Marathon Wall mount cradle is designed to hold the EDL-RTD, 2c\temp RH and 2c\temp USB dataloggers.