Intech Soil Moisture Tension Probe

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The Moisture Tension Probe has been developed for the measurement and logging of the force with which moisture is held by the soil matrix. This force is often referred to as soil potential, soil tension and soil suction. This probe also has an internal temperature sensor which can be used to log the soil temperature. It is available in two ratings, one designed for working with lower tensions and the other for high tension applications. THEORY OF OPERATION: The soil tension probe has a porous ceramic cup, filled with water, which is positioned in the soil to allow water to enter and leave the probe body. This transfer of water across the porous ceramic cup generates pressure which is measure by a gauge pressure sensor in the probe. The gauge pressure sensor is vented to the atmosphere by a breather tube in the probes electronic cables. A datalogger at the surface records the soil moisture tension and temperature. The logger is configured, started and the logged data is read by a personal computer. The computer software allows for the display, statistical reporting, graphing and export of the data collected.

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  • Tension Range Low Water Tension Probe: -300 cm to +300 cm.
  • Tension Range High Water Tension Probe: -600 cm to +900 cm.
  • Tension Accuracy: +/- 0.5% full scale.
  • Tension Resolution: +/-0.2 cm
  • Temperature Effect: 0C to +50C, +/- 1% full scale.
  • Temperature Range: 0C to +50C.
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.3C
  • Temperature Resolution: +/-0.1C

Additional Information

For use with IT0220 and IT0229 datalogger