Intech SafeT Datalogger Temperature & Analog

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The SafeT is an economic Dual Channel Data Logger with sophisticated Operational, Alarm and Communications capabilities. It features an Internal Temperature Channel and an External Channel that can be used with a range of sensors for measuring Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Light, Wind Direction, Voltage and Current. The SafeT logger has been designed for users who require a visual check on Alarm Conditions while the logger is running. It can be started by the user in the field. The SafeT can be controlled and interrogated over phone lines using a standard modem link and can dial a Pocket Pager when an Alarm Condition occurs. The Analog Input can operate in two modes, Absolute (A) and Ratiometric (R). The mode of operation is determined by the probe type selected for this channel. The probe type is selected using the Channel and Probe set-up Tab of the Logger control screen in the OmniLog Software. Temperature/Thermistor, Pressure & Humidity Probes are typically Ratiometric and Voltage and Current Inputs are Absolute. The Maximum readable voltage in R mode should be derived from the logger supply (Pin 1) and will therefore decrease over the life of the battery to a Minimum of 2.5V.
  • Temperature can be set to any combination of Point, Average, Maximum & Minimum readings.
  • Temperature can be logged in high resolution or low resolution mode. Low resolution mode is used to increase the number of samples.
  • The battery voltage of the logger can be logged if required.
  • The logger can be run in either "Stop when memory is full", "Loop Around", mode or set to stop at a future date.
  • The logger can be started "Now" or started at a given time in the future.
  • Alarms: Two independent alarms, triggered on any combination of six user configurable Alarm conditions.
  • Three Alarm Status Indicators: Red = Alarm 1 triggered, Yellow = Alarm 2 triggered, Green = No alarm has occurred.
  • Alarm 1 can be configured to dial a pocket page.
  • Alarms can be visually checked on the logger by pressing an Alarm Test Switch.
  • Start Modes: Start Immediately, Start on date/time or Start when user activated. A pinhole switch in the front panel of the logger is used to start the logger in the field.
  • Internal Temperature Sensor Type: Thermistor.
  • Linear Accuracy Over range: +/- 0.4C (0C to +70C)
  • Repeatability & Long Term Stability: +/- 0.1C
  • General Purpose Analog Input: Resolution 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter (data can be saved in 8-bit mode to conserve memory space).
  • Pin Out: 2.5 mm Stereo Jack
  • Ring: Switched Reference Voltage.
  • Sleeve: Common Ground.
  • Max readable Input Voltage in R mode: 3.0V nominal
  • Max readable Input Voltage in A mode: 2.048V
  • Max Voltage Input: 5V for a short period.
  • Max Current to be drawn by external probe: 1mA.
  • Input Leakage Current: 1uA
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30C to +70C, 0 to 95% RH non-condensing.
  • Sampling Rate: 1 second to 10 hours in 1 second intervals.
  • Storage Capacity: 1 channel = 32,000 8-bit samples, 16,000 10-bit samples. 2 Channels = 16,000 8-bit samples, 8,000 10-bit samples.
  • Battery: User Replaceable, 1 year life depending on usage. Battery status in OmniLog software.
  • Data is retained in case of battery failure.
  • Download Time: 35 seconds for full logger.

Technical Information

The Scigiene Calibration Lab provides a N.I.S.T.traceable certification and calibration service for (more...)