The RF Wireless Receivers are designed to received data from your Scigiene Wireless Sensors and Repeaters. The data received is then displayed in the Premier online wireless sensor monitoring and notification Software.

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Wireless USB PRO Receiver

Part #: RFR-0535
The RF Wireless USB Pro gateway allows your Wireless Sensors to communicate with the Scigiene Premie (more...)
$114.45 (USD)
$154.51 (CAD)

Wireless Ethernet Receiver

Part #: RFR-0526
The Ethernet Receiver allows your RF Wireless Sensors to communicate with the Scigiene Premier Onlin (more...)
$240.45 (USD)
$324.61 (CAD)

Wireless 3G Cellular Receiver

Part #: RFR-0527
The RF Wireless 3G Cellular Gateway (for use in USA, Canada and Mexico) is based on a 3G (GSM HSPA+) (more...)
$355.95 (USD)
$480.53 (CAD)

Wireless Serial Modbus Receiver

Part #: RFR-0529
The Serial MODBUS Gateway (SMG) acts as a data concentrator for Scigiene wireless sensor networks.
$313.95 (USD)
$423.83 (CAD)