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Novus Temperature & Humidity Controller N323RHT

Part #: NV-80323H6030
N323RHT is a digital temperature and humidity controller. It includes three relay-type control outl (more...)
$247.00 (USD)
$333.45 (CAD)

Novus Temperature & Humidity Controller N322RHT

Part #: NV-80322H6022
The 322RHT is a digital controller for relative humidity and temperature. Its 2 relay outputs can be (more...)
$242.00 (USD)
$326.70 (CAD)

Novus Universal Input Indicator N1500

Part #: NV-8150000020
The N1500 Universal Process Indicator is a high performance instrument used for monitoring analog si (more...)
$260.00 (USD)
$351.00 (CAD)

Novus Universal Process Indicator N1500G

Part #: NV-81500G0210
This high performance universal digital panel meter features a bright 56 mm high display for high vi (more...)
$699.00 (USD)
$943.65 (CAD)

Novus RHT-WM & RHT-DM Microprocessor Based Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803006480
The RHT-WM and RHT-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability rela (more...)
$271.00 (USD)
$365.85 (CAD)

Novus RHT-485 LCD Modbus Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803006430
The RHT-WM-485-LCD and RHT-DM-485-LCD transmitters include high precision and stability sensors for (more...)
$287.00 (USD)
$387.45 (CAD)