Type K + RTD Temperature Probes

Type K + RTD Temperature Probes
Scigiene supplies a wide range of probes for thermocouples (type KJT etc.) RTD's and thermistors for all our own equipment as well as for many other temperature monitoring devices. The units listed here are only a small portion of what is available and we can have probes custom made to meet most specifications. Scigiene probes are designed to meet the rigors of a modern processing environment, with armored cables, reinforced connectors and more as some of the optional features. If you do not see what you want listed here, feel free to contact us with your details or complete the Customized Probes form at the bottom of this section and send that to us for completion.

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Temperature Probe General purpose 4

Part #: TP-FK11M
This General Purpose probe has a 4'' sealed stem for immersion into liquids, gels and semi solids.
$63.00 (USD)
$85.05 (CAD)

Temperature Probe General purpose 8

Part #: TP-FK14M
This General Purpose probe has an 8" sealed stem for immersion into liquids, gels and semi solids.
$35.00 (USD)
$47.25 (CAD)

Type K, 12 Penetration Probe with Coiled Cable

Part #: TW-12PP
This general purpose probe is popular in the food industry. The 1/8" diameter shaft is swaged to a s (more...)
$75.00 (USD)
$101.25 (CAD)

Type-K, 4 Reduced Tip Probe

Part #: TP-FK21M
This handheld probe with a 1/8" shaft and reduced 1/16" (1.5mm) needle tip gives you the exact same (more...)
$69.00 (USD)
$93.15 (CAD)

Type-K, 4” Mini Handle Fast Response Penetration Probe with Reduce Tip & Coiled Cable

Part #: TP-4FR
This general purpose probe with a mini handle is popular in the food industries. The 1/8" diameter s (more...)
$63.00 (USD)
$85.05 (CAD)

Type-K, 9 Plug Mounted Probe

Part #: TP-9PM
Sharp penetration probe is mounted directly to an industry-standard miniature thermocouple plug. No (more...)
$36.00 (USD)
$48.60 (CAD)

Type-K, 4” T-Handle Fast Response Probe with Reduced Tip

Part #: TP-4TH
Heavy Duty T-Handle Penetration Probe with 4” diameter stem for even tougher use. Shaft reduces to (more...)
$77.00 (USD)
$103.95 (CAD)

K-Type, 12 Heavy Duty Penetration Probe with T-Handle, reduced tip & Flat Cable

Part #: TW-12HDT
A heavy duty 12 T-handle penetration probe with a diameter and reduced tip to improve response. Per (more...)
$80.00 (USD)
$108.00 (CAD)

Temperature probe bare tip thermocouple K-type probe

Part #: TP-GK11M
This Standard Thermocouple K-type probe has a 4' fiberglass covered lead.
$13.00 (USD)
$17.55 (CAD)

Type-K, 45 Degree Surface Probe

Part #: TW-CK22M
This Fast Response contact Surface probe has a 4.5" shaft with a 45 degree angle swivel head sensor. (more...)
$52.00 (USD)
$70.20 (CAD)

Temperature Probe - Heavy Duty 8

Part #: TP-CK16M
This Heavy Duty K-type surface probe has an 8'' stem and a 4'' handle for measurements where longer reaches are required.
$48.00 (USD)
$64.80 (CAD)

Temperature Pt100 RTD Replacement probe

Part #: RD-TPR01
Pt100 RTD Replacement probe
$55.00 (USD)
$74.25 (CAD)

Temperature Probes Customized

Part #: MTxxx
Scigiene can supply custom built probes for most thermocouples and RTD's as well as many of our data (more...)