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ProPette LE™ Multi-Channel Pipettors

  • Part #:MBP5208-XXX/MBP5212-XXX
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This Multi-Channel Pipettes are Ideal for all 96 well applications, the new Propette™ LE Multi-Channel Pipettes are light weight, rugged, and stand up to the demands of everyday use in a busy laboratory environment. Five overlapping volume options are optimized for maximum precision throughout the 1 to 300µL usable range.

Product Description

Product #   Description        Quantity     Price
   ProPette™ LE 8-Channel Pipette, 1.0- to 10ul
        1     Call For Price
MBP5208-20U   ProPette™ LE 8-Channel Pipette, 2.0 to 20ul
        1     Call For Price
MBP5208-50U   ProPette™ LE 8-Channel Pipette, 5.0 to 50ul        1     Call For Price
MBP5208-200U   ProPette™ LE 8-Channel Pipette, 20 to 200ul
        1     Call For Price
MBP5208-300U            ProPette™ LE 8-Channel Pipette, 30 to 300ul
        1     Call For Price
MBP5212-10U   ProPette™ LE 12-Channel Pipette, 1.0 to 10ul
        1     Call For Price
MBP5212-20U     ProPette™ LE 12-Channel Pipette, 2.0 to 20ul        1     Call For Price
MBP5212-50U   ProPette™ LE 12-Channel Pipette, 5.0 to 50ul
        1     Call For Price
MBP5212-200U   ProPette™ LE 12-Channel Pipette, 20 to 200ul           
        1     Call For Price
MBP5212-300U   ProPette™ LE 12-Channel Pipette, 30 to 300ul
        1     Call For Price

Optional Accessories

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Part #: MBP4280-CR
$89.50 (USD)
$120.83 (CAD)
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