RH Transmitters

RH Transmitters

Scigiene offers a wide range of high quality Relative Humidity transmitters including models that are isolated. We have high accuracy models with interchangeable sensor covers to accommodate various industrial uses. Signals can be sent via analog and RS485 signals and are programmable for on the floor calibrations. Some models also offer microprocessor based circuits to enable full configuration of the output range when used with our configuration software for even greater precision.

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Novus RHT-WM & RHT-DM Microprocessor Based Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803006706
The RHT-WM and RHT-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability rela (more...)
$188.75 (USD)
$264.25 (CAD)

Novus RHT-485 LCD Modbus Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803006430
The RHT-WM-485-LCD and RHT-DM-485-LCD transmitters include high precision and stability sensors for (more...)
$200.00 (USD)
$280.00 (CAD)