Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test Kit

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Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test Kit is based on direct competitive ELISA Assay that detects Aflatoxin M1 residues in liquid milk, acidified milk, milk powder cheese etc . It is easy to use and provides qualitative and quantitative results. This convenient can be performed in –situ and also inside specialized laboratories. The coupling antibody is precoated on the microplate strip. The Aflatoxin M1 residue in the sample and enzyme marker compete for the antibodies. The TMB substrate is loaed for coloration. The optical density (OD) value of the sample has a negative correlation with the content of Aflatoxin M1 residue in it. This value is compared to the standard curve and the content of the corresponding Aflatoxin M1 residue is subsequently obtained.



  • 96T/box

  • Less than 45 minutes

  • User friendly

  • Provides rapid qualitative and quantitative results

  • High sensitivity

  • Cost effective

  • CE/ISO/ILVO Certified



  • Store the kit at 2-8°C

    CTRL line is a quality indicator and will always appear regardless of the  T, B, C & S

    Lines results. If CTRL line does not appear, please repeat the assay with a new strip.


    Performance Information

    Precautions and Warnings

    1. Do not mix sample tubes and devices from different lot numbers

    2. Do not use kits past their expiration dates.

    3. Do not touch the field of control/test line, before or while testing.

    4. Keep the kits in sealed when not in use.

    5. The kit is single-use, do not reuse.

    Shelf Life: 12 months


    Instructions for Use

    Prepare the milk sample, and the sample should be at room

    temperature, there is no need to heat or refrigerate.

    1. Take out the strip,

    2. Drop 200ul into the microwell, repeatedly pipetting up

    and down 10 times, mix well with the reagent in the wells


    3. Then wait for 3 minutes

    4. Insert the test strip into the microwell until the botton of the strip touch the bottom of the microwell.

    5. After 7 minutes, read the results.

    If you need to record the results then you must take the test strip, dry the

    strip and store with your records.