SW1 Humimeter Mould, ventilation and climate monitor

  • Part #:HM-13555
  • Weight:265g
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The SW1 Humimeter Mould and Air Guard can be used to prevent mould from forming in your household. The device sends an alarm to you if there is any danger of mould formation and tells you when it is necessary air out the room.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Quick and cost efficient product that is able to give highly accurate measurements which are automatically documented
  • Menus are in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian
  • Evaluation of risk of mould (none/little/increased/high/very high risk of mould)
  • Relative humidity 0 to 100%, resolution 0.1% RH
  • Temperature can be set to °C or °F as required
  • Temperature  -10 to +60°C / 14 to 140°F, resolution 0.1°C
  • Absolute air humidity 0 to 130 g/m³, resolution 0.1g/m³
  • Hold function, manual saving of results
  • Automatic datalogging for up to 10,000 logs with measuring point report
  • Optional calibration curves
  • Equilibrium moisture content UGL 2 to 30%, resolution 0.1%
  • Activity of water (aw-value), resolution 0.001%,
  • Dew point -55 to +60°C / -67 to 140°F, resolution 0.1°C

Why you should use air guards:

The formation of mould always goes along with an increased moisture concentration in your room. Already a relative humidity of 70% encourages the growth of mould in living spaces.   Increased air humidity can be caused by conventional activities in the household like cooking, taking a shower or drying of laundry.  Airing out rooms is one of crucial in order to prevent mould formation.  Airing is required if the absolute humidity outdoors is lower than in the room; if this condition does not hold; airing the room will actually increase the humidity level in the room.  It is almost impossible to determine absolute humidity without using a proper measuring device.  To guarantee correct airing of the room one must use air guards like the SW1 humimeter mould and air guard.

Ordering Instructions:

Part#  Description
HM-13555  SW1 Humimeter mould and air guard, supplied with batteries
HM-12278  Humimeter USB data interface cable with LogMemorizer software
HM-12485  Humimeter USB data interface cable with LogMemorizer software (Version for rechargeable batteries)
HM-13340  Internal Bluetooth class 1, integrated module class 1 (up to 100 metres) for humimeter mould and air guard devices.  Can be combined with USB interface.