Tecnosoft NEW PasteurCyl Probe, Waterproof Datalogger for Pasteurization

  • Part #:TS-PCJ020
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Price: $699.00
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The NEW PasteurCyl Probe model is designed for high temperatures and has extended memory and battery life.  It is housed in a cylindrical body made of stainless steel and PEEK, a plastic material highly resistant and food safe. The main body diameter is only 15 mm so it can fit both in narrow pasteurization tunnels and in bottles necks.  The unit is available with different probe lengths making it ideal for use in the food industry where it is possible to monitor the product and not only the environment where it is being manufactured.

  • High accuracy & precision autoclave datalogger
  • Complete Food Grade and waterproof
  • Large memory capacity and extra long battery life
  • Battery is user replaceable
  • Printed reports can be used for health regulations and ISO compliance
  • Calibration Certificate provided
  • Various probe lengths available
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Body Size: 100 x 18 mm in diameter
  • Temperature Range: -20°C  to +100°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C
  • Resolution: 0.01°C
  • Made from PEEK and Stainless Steel (completely Food Grade)
  • User programmable measurement intervals from 1 second and up
  • Number of readings: 120,000
  • Battery life: Up to 4 years depending on measurement intervals and temperature

Ordering Instructions:

Part#   Description Price USD$
TS-PCJ020   New PasteurCyl Probe, 3 mm x 20 mm w/calibration Certificate $699.00
TS-PCJ060   New PasteurCyl Probe, 3 mm x 60 mm w/calibration Certificate $699.00
TS-PCJ125   New PasteurCyl Probe, 3 mm x 125 mm w/calibration Certificate $699.00
TS-PCJ100   New PasteurCyl Probe, 5 mm x 100 mm w/calibration Certificate $699.00
TS0175   New SterilCyl & PasteurCyl Probe Battery replacement Kit $65.00
TS0174   SDP Software & Disk Interface for Cyl New Models WITH Adapter $390.00


Technical Information


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Required Accessories


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Optional Accessories


Tecnosoft Fastening System

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$375.00 (USD)
$506.25 (CAD)

Tecnosoft TS Manager Software for 21 CFR Compliance

Part #: TS0165
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$1,750.00 (USD)
$2,362.50 (CAD)