Intech Pt100 RTD Temperature Datalogger

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  • Weight:110 gram
  • Units:each
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The Pt-HR is a small Two Channel High Resolution (12-bit) Temperature Datalogger, housed in a rugged 304 Stainless Steel case. The logger contains an integral internal temperature sensor, which is logged separately to an external Pt100 temperature sensor probe. Logging can be configured to: Start on Time, Immediate Start, Stop when Full and Loop Around. The data from any logger that records Temperature can now be processed, by the OmniLog Software, to give daily, weekly and monthly accumulated Grow Degree Day reports for a wide range of horticultural crops.


  • Temperature can be set to any combination of Point, Average, Maximum & Minimum readings.
  • Temperature can be logged in high resolution or low resolution mode. Low resolution mode is used to increase the number of samples.
  • The logger can be set to log One Temperature only.
  • The logger can be run in either "Stop when memory is full", "Loop Around", mode or set to stop at a future date.
  • The logger can be started "Now" or started at a given time in the future.
  • The battery voltage of the logger can be logged if required.
  • Pt-100 Input: External Sensor Connection, 4-pin Switchcraft Plug
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating.
  • Temperature Range: -120C to +400C (+/-0.38C at -120C, +/-0.08C at 0C, +/-0.23C at +400C).
  • Resolution: +/-0.07C at 120C, +/-0.08C at 0C, +/-0.11C at +400C.
  • Internal Temperature: Thermist0r Sensor
  • Linear accuracy over range: +/-0.3C (0C to +70C)
  • Repeatability & Long Term Stability: +/-0.1C.
  • Logger Operating & Storage Temperature: -30C to +70C
  • Sampling Rate: 1 second minimum, 10 hours maximum in 1 second intervals.
  • Alarms: Two independent alarms with six user configurable alarm conditions.
  • One alarm can be configured to dial a Pocket Pager.
  • Alarms and Battery can be visually checked using the OmniLog Software.
  • Storage Capacity: 64,000 8-bit samples 32,000 16-bit samples.
  • Download Time: 35 seconds Full Logger
  • Battery: Factory replaceable
  • Data is retained in case of battery failure.

Additional Information

Pt-100 Probe not included click below for probe information
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