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Gatekeeper Thermal Forehead Temperature Measurement System With Tripod Mount

  • Part #:FR-ITS-TM
  • Weight:1kg
  • Dimensions:215 x 125 x 20
  • Units:mm
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Price: $1,034.48
Price: $1,500.00


Introducing the Scigiene Gatekeeper Thermal Forehead temperature measurement system.


The Gatekeeper is an advanced yet very cost effective automated Forehead temperature measurement system.  It utilizes advanced thermal scanner combined with Facial recognition software to give the most accurate Forehead temperature measurement possible.


Unlike regular Forehead IR thermometers the Gatekeeper utilizes advanced Facial recognition software to prompt users to adjust their positions and then takes a picture using advanced thermal imaging cameras to specifically target the user’s forehead specifically for highly accurate and repeatable readings.


This offers several major advantages relative to regular Forehead thermometers:


a) No contact or close up distance measurement is needed

b) No user error that is common when using Hand held I.R.s will occur. The Gatekeeper targets the center of the user’s forehead and only that portion. Industrial I.R. thermometers use targeting lasers which are illegal for use for forehead measurement due to the high probability of the laser beam contact the eye leading to blindness.   

b) The advanced thermal imaging and algorithms contained in the Gatekeeper are far more repeatable and accurate then standard forehead  thermometers. 


Cost savings are immense here. While this costs more than a hand held device it also eliminates the extra labour involved. The Gatekeeper can even be integrated to control doors.  At the very minimum it will give an audible alert indicating a fever.  Please contact Scigiene for more details on integration options.


The system can also log the temperature of individual staff. Due to the strange nature of the Covid-19 virus persons can be seemingly asymptomatic for days or weeks. These persons may in fact be showing day to day minor increases in temperatures (and other symptoms). Being able to see minute trends will allow you to have them tested and isolated before it is too late.

The world as we know it has changed drastically. Shutdowns due to Covid-19 (and other viruses) are extremely costly and businesses will need to adopt new strategies to protect staff. Screening staff and visitors to your premises for fevers will be but one of the many measures businesses will need to implement to protect themselves and their customers.

  • Uses precise Thermal Imaging Infrared sensors without the use of Laser pointers*
  • The FR-ITS can be integrated with existing security system or left as a stand-alone device 
  • Allows for simple plug and play installation
  • Increases entry safety and security of staff as no close-up contact is required as is need for use with a hand held I.R thermometer
  • Temperature detection range 35~42
  • High temperature accuracy +-0.1C
  • 1 second response
  • Improves the speed of entry and building exits
  • Optional alarm and video recording
  • Supports human body temperature overlay, picture overlay
  • Supports body temperature detection
  • Supports mask detection
  • Built-in FACE ++ deep learning face recognition algorithm. Stable and reliable
  • Support up to 50,000 face database with internal memory; <100 ms fast capture rate
  • 8inch HD LCD display
  • Local audible alarm output after abnormal temperature
  • Fully configurable, configure multiple usage modes
  • Ultra-thin metal shell
  • Can record identification information and temperature information, save traceability
  • Excellent environmental adaptability, adapt to low light and strong backlight, supports automatic face exposure
  • Support Weigand protocol, can directly drive access control and control various gates
  • Rich hardware interface, integrated 100M Ethernet interface, audio interface, Weigand interface, relay interface, USB etc.
  • Supports 2D, 3D digital noise reduction
  • Low power consumption, main board power consumption is as low as 5 watts 

*I.R. thermometers using laser pointers should not be used on a person’s forehead or face due to the risk of the laser being accidentally pointed into an eye resulting in blindness.


  • 2MP Face recognition + temperature detection   
  • 8 inch smart camera system
  • Display: 8inch LCD
  • RAM: 32G
  • Thermal Sensor: Thermal imaging infrared temperature sensor
  • Comes with Tripod Mount

Temperature Measurement

  • Range: 35~42
  • Precision:  ±0.1
  • Detect Distance: 0.4m~0.7m

  • Number of Face Bases: 50,000 (sheets)
  • Recognition Speed: ≤300ms
  • Live Detection: supported
  • Mask Detection: supported
  • Body Temperature Alarm: supported


    • Power: DC12V
    • Network: 1ch10/100BaseT Ethernet RJ45 interface
    • Wiegand: 1ch Wiegand output interface
    • Switch: 1ch relay output (rating of relay)
    • MIC: Built-in
    • Audio: Built-in 2ch audio output
    • Working Humidity: -10°C ~50°C

    NOTE: Please contact Scigiene directly for a copy of the Product Manual