Temperature & RH Transmitters

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Novus TxConfig USB Interface & Software

Part #: NV-8816021039
This configuration USB interface and Software is used to configure the TxRail and TxIsoRail products (more...)
$89.00 (USD)
$120.15 (CAD)

Novus RHT-WM & RHT-DM Microprocessor Based Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803006480
The RHT-WM and RHT-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability rela (more...)
$271.00 (USD)
$365.85 (CAD)

Novus RHT-485 LCD Modbus Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Part #: NV-8803006430
The RHT-WM-485-LCD and RHT-DM-485-LCD transmitters include high precision and stability sensors for (more...)
$287.00 (USD)
$387.45 (CAD)