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Scigiene Light Meter

Part #: SP840006
The SP840006 is a high quality basic light meter that can measure visible light levels anywhere with (more...)
$130.00 (USD)
$175.50 (CAD)

Scigiene Advanced Light Meter

Part #: SP840022C
Monitor light levels anywhere with fast, stable and accurate response. Results are easily read on th (more...)
$215.00 (USD)
$290.25 (CAD)

Waterproof Instrument Cases

Part #: CS2000
Extremely durable & Waterproof cases, 6 x 3-3/8 x 1-1/4 inches, for your sensitive instruments.
$18.00 (USD)
$24.30 (CAD)

Waterproof Instrument Cases

Part #: CS1000
The CS1000 Waterproof Instrument cases are perfect fits for our Marathon dataloggers or other small (more...)
$9.99 (USD)
$13.49 (CAD)

Audio/Visual Refrigerator & Freezer Alarm

Part #: PTA20
Designed to monitor the temperature of Refrigerators and/or Freezers, our Refrigerator/Freezer Therm (more...)
$16.50 (USD)
$22.28 (CAD)